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Hi, I’m Karin!

About me

My love for nature has been a big part of my life since childhood. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a house with a garden in the outskirts of Vienna. My fondest childhood memories are connected closely to nature. As a child, being close to nature was self-evident. Over the years, I lost this valuable connection and had to find my way back to the natural world.

My Story

I was in my late twenties when my spiritual awakening process began. In my early thirties, I quit my job out of profound insight and immersed myself headfirst in the world of self-discovery. Finally, I found something exciting again!

I attended countless seminars and one on one sessions. I completed several educations and read tons of spiritual books. Especially the Systemic Constellation Work and the Energy Healing had done it for me.

In the beginning, I loved this process. So many questions got answered. I was enthusiastic about it. With time, I felt myself more and more. All the unredeemed feelings I had suppressed for so many years started to flow. The more time passed, the more painful layers came to light. That is a very challenging process that regularly brought me to my limits. I had to go through much fear, grief and loneliness. 

Besides all the help I received from people, nature became one of my most valuable healing sources over the years. Often I went into the woods to move my body and ground myself. The natural world has something very comforting for me. I feel directly connected with everything that is. My whole being tunes into nature and realigns, calibrates and centres itself.

The purity and simplicity of nature have a calming effect on me. The beauty of nature gives me back meaning and joy. Moods and instants like a cloud formation, grasses billowing in the wind or the light reflections of the sun in the forest deeply enchant me.

Nature is our true home and has been it for thousands of years. Something in us knows this and reacts immediately. It is our longing for communion and liveliness, which nature nurtures automatically – if we allow and open ourselves to it. 

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  • Certified hiking guide
  • Many years of experience with groups
  • Developed intercultural competence
  • Personal Development since 2006: Systemic and Spiritual Constellation Work, Energy Healing, Transformational Work, Meditation, Shamanic Work, Ritual Work, Holotropic Breath Work
  • Passionate Yogini since 2012 (Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Bikram)
  • Professional experiences in PR, Sales and Event Management
  • Master in Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Lived, studied and worked in London, Rome, New York, Toulouse and Frankfurt
  • Flight attendant
  • Born and raised in Vienna
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