Why hiking is good for you…

There are numerous studies that demonstrate the positive effects of regular hiking in nature. But the best evidence is still to experience it on your own!

Regular time spent outdoors has remarkable effects on your soul, mind and body:


 Studies prove that hiking and time spent in nature significantly helped people to reduce depression and anxiety. All senses are involved, the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, fresh air to breathe, flower scents, encounters with animals and the sheer beauty of nature bring you back to the current moment. You are fully present, life gets easy again and you feel that you are a part of that all. Feelings of being separated, sadness and pessimism are alleviated or abandoned, at least for the duration of the hike. The more time you spend in nature and the more you are aware of its positive effects, the easier will you be able to integrate those good feelings into your daily life.


 If you think too much, are not able to quiet your mind, worrying constantly or trying hard to find a solution for a certain problem – walking in nature frees your mind, you can let go and open up for new, creative solutions. Your mind calms down and new thoughts will start to flow. From the top of a mountain, problems reappear in the right proportions, accompanied by the good feeling of having achieved something.


 Last but not least, hiking of has positive effects on your body – it is a good cardiovascular training, your cells are supplied with fresh, oxygen-enriched air, your immune system is improved and your bones and joints also benefit from the movement. Especially uphill walking and hiking in a moderate pace is an excellent workout. You can start hiking at any time, regardless of age or fitness level.