Frequently asked questions

In case of bad weather (heavy rain or thunderstorms), we try to re-schedule the tour. If we cannot agree on a new date for the tour, it will be cancelled and the payment refunded. Alternatively, another tour option can be chosen.

In this case, the tour will be cancelled and any deducted payments refunded. I might offer the tour again at a higher price.

  • EASY: Simple path with moderate inclines. Mostly paved. Sneakers with a good grip are sufficient.
  • MODERATE: Challenging alpine path. Partially narrow and/or steep sections. Requiring sure-footedness and hiking boots.
  • DEMANDING: Difficult alpine path or track. Frequent narrow and steep sections and/or simple climbing passages. Requiring absolute sure-footedness, head of heights and sturdy trekking boots.

Most of my tours are easy to moderate difficulty. Some are marked moderate because they can be challenging due to their length. Please always refer to the detailed tour description.

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Hiking Checklist

For most tours, it requires hiking boots. The boots should be light, comfortable, and waterproof. I recommended breaking them in before the first hike. Make sure they don’t fit too tight. You should have enough space for your toes while walking downhill. Don’t forget to wear the right socks – they make a big difference and can help to protect you from blisters. On some trails, sneakers with a good grip are sufficient.

  • Personal medication (asthma spray, insulin,…)
  • Lip protection, sunscreen
  • Cream against fever blisters
  • Leucoplast, band-aid
  • Band-aid for blisters
  • Ointment
  • Handkerchiefs, cleansing tissues
  • Small first aid kit
  • Tampons/sanitary towels
  • Additional batteries for camera or smartphone
  • Glasses, sunglasses
  • Contact lenses solution

While hiking, you will burn a lot of calories. It is essential to eat and drink enough. I recommend bringing at least 1 litre (better 1,5 litre) of water, unsweetened herb tea or diluted juices. As a snack, sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruits, muesli bars, dextrose, fruits (e.g. apples, bananas) and vegetables (e.g. cucumber, pepper, carrots) are good energy dispensers. The food that gives you energy but is easy digestible. Also bring a plastic bag for waste.

Wear comfy clothing according to the season and weather. In principle, think of an onion – wear several layers of clothing. I recommend functional sports wear; such as merino shirts. It dries much faster than cotton. Plus: a second t-shirt, another pair of socks to change, a fleece jacket, rain jacket, headgear (bandana, cap, hat), shawl, hiking pants, shorts. Not to forget the rain protection for your backpack – or bring a poncho. For hikes along rivers or lakes, you can also bring swimwear and a light towel.

It is ideal to have your hands free and to carry the weight on your back. The best option is a backpack with a hip belt. 25 – 30 litres are an ideal size for a one day hike.

Most of the hikes I am organising are easy to medium difficulty. We usually walk in a moderate tempo. Please carefully read the description of the tours and start with an easy hike. You should be able to walk 4-5 km per hour on a flat trail without any problems. If you are uncertain, please contact me any time.

Please make sure that your travel or health insurance includes a mountain rescue.

Please always clarify medical uncertainties in advance with your doctor and follow his/her advice.

The tours are held in English and/or German language, depending on the participants. Other languages are available upon request (French, Italian, Portuguese).

The hikes are designed for grown-ups, children need more breaks and have different needs. If you want to bring your children, please contact me beforehand. Together, we can decide what hike would be the best to fit your requirements.

I am sorry, but dogs are not allowed on our tours.

I founded Das Leben Sprüen-Embrace Life in spring 2018. Das Leben Spüren is closely connected with my own story, my search for meaning, connectedness and joie de vivre. Nature’s pure presence, its peace and sheer beauty always help me find my centre and natural rhythm again.

I invite you to enjoy and experience life and nature with all your senses. To be open to the moment: feeling a breeze, smelling the scent of a flower, walking barefoot, touching the bark of a tree. Nature helps to widen our horizons, to step out of worrying thoughts and tune into a slower rhythm which is very curative for body and soul. Like that, gloomy moods are lifted, creative solutions might occur, peace and relaxation are achieved easily.

We offer guided hiking tours and excursions for travellers, expats and locals. Moreover, we are happy to create tailor-made experiences for incentives and team-events. Our tours are mostly in the moderate range rather than being extremely challenging. If you cannot find a suitable tour or excursion online, please contact us for a tailor-made offer.